Watch Project X (2012) Full Movie Online Streaming Free

In following with party movies, Project X is a story about three seniors in high school who are trying to finally make their names etched forever in the minds of their friends. They have a rather crazy idea and that is to throw a unforgettable party that their friends will not ever forget about. The plan seemed simple enough, but things start to go awry as  kids get arrested and dreams are crushed. Watch Project X  Movie is crazed teenage debauchery and it is a nightmare for parents and authorities alike. Because of drugs, nudity, bad language and wanton behavior, this movie is R-rated

“Project X” Is produced by famed director Todd Phillips, who made mega hit party movies such as Hangover 1 and Hangover 2. However in the “Project X” Todd Phillips takes on a producer’s role while Nima Nourizadeh takes on the role of a directors. “Project X” is a teen movie to end all so called fantasy movies. (Move Over Twilight!) This is the type of movie where the nerds finally get their wet dreams realized, dump cars in swimming pools and throw the most sick party of the year. (It’s Good Stuff)

Just Like Hangover, “Project X” Follows in the style of hand held camera footage style, with seemingly no linear plot in mind. It’s pretty much “Hangover” transformed and suited for the teen to twenties crowd. Project X debuts in theater in March 2, 2012 and is directed by Michael Bacall and a screenplay from Matt Drake.

There is prediction that this movie will do well because it follows the smash hit “Hangover” very closely. This movie should be able to draw in 13+ age category who are interested in more mature stuff. This movie casts Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown and Oliver Cooper.


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